Turkey B.L.E.A.T. Salad……. (Bacon, lettuce, egg, avocado, & tomato)

Turkey BLEAT

Well I have to say, it’s no joke running a blog! I took some time off and now I am back at it!

I hope the summer has been great for everyone! My family and I spent some time in Yarmouth, and lots of time at the beach with the kiddies. I can’t believe the summer is gone! Oh well, that just means football, Halloween and Giant tomatoes are on the rise. In the case of tomatoes, they are just about at their peak and are looking RAD!
Ok I may have outdated myself  there.

Anyway our CSA is not only producing great tomatoes, but greens as well. Amazing arugula, frisse and green leaf lettuce. Everything is stuffed in my fridge begging me to make something yummy & healthy.

I had just bought some nice Turkey Bacon and was planning on making a BLT, then thought…..heck no! Lets make a BLT salad, but add avocado, because its delish, and egg because I freakin love an egg on my BLT’s….I know totally crazy….Summers not over yet b*&%hes!!!!


To go a step farther and really do a proper transformation, I added some nice garlicky croutons and made a cilantro-Mayo dressing that pairs so well with this. We all had this for dinner including my two year olds who loved it!!!!!!

Hurry and buy tomatoes before they are gone!


Turkey B.L.E.A.T.

1 pkg Turkey bacon, cooked and rough chopped, reserve fat

1 sm head of green leaf lettuce, cleaned and torn by hand

2 bunch of arugula, cleaned and most of the stem removed

1 bunch of frisse, cleaned and most of the stem removed

2 Lg Heirloom, ugly or local tomatoes, diced or half moons

2 Lg Avocados, peeled and sliced

4 eggs, either sunny side up or fried

4 tabs butter

3 slices of bread ( I used an oatmeal)

1 clove of garlic

1 cup low fat mayo

6 tbsp of white vinegar

4 tbsp of chopped cilantro

S&P to taste


– Heat oven to 350 degrees.

– Take the bread and cut into large squares. Toss with some melted butter that had a clove of micro-plained garlic added to it. I used the microwave to melt the butter a tad. Drizzle this with some salt and pepper over bread cubes. Place on a sheet tray and bake till golden at 350, about 15 minutes. reserve when done

– In a large salad bowl add all the lettuces, tomatoes, croutons and bacon. Season with S&P to taste and toss.

– meanwhile in a small bowl add the mayo, vinegar and cilantro and mix. Add S&P to taste. I used a small immersion blender.

– In a small saute pan with a tab of butter cook one egg at a time. When done top the salad with eggs.

Top with some of the dressing and serve. I recommend putting the dressing in a squeeze bottle and squirting it on especially where presentation is concerned.




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