Lentil Tabouli

Lentil tabouli

Here in my household, we all love tabbouleh. We also love lentils. Sooooo…why not incorporate both in one dish right. Wallah! I give you….Lentil Tabbouleh. I must say after tasting it I was shocked at how good it was. Our family has been trying to eat healthier and this is a nice tasty addition.

Funny story, I actually thought I was the first one to concoct this recipe. Silly me. Anyway my wife being Lebanese in all gave me the thumbs up, which coming from her means allot.

This is a great side dish for the adults and a nice lunch for the kiddies. Although may want to omit the almonds.


1. This is proportionately up to you as far as the amounts. However it should be roughly half herbs and half lentils. For exceptional flavor cook the lentils in a lemon or orange tea flavored water. Just put a tea bag in the water until it boils then pull it out before you add the lentils. Yum. Then toss in some almonds, garlic and tomatoes if you like. Again the amount is up to you. There isn’t a correct or incorrect amount. Just be careful of the garlic, unless you love it like me. Whatever suits you. A generous squeeze of lemon will tie everything together nicely. The herbs used are typically parsley, however I used basil and mint.  Will hold for 2 days then after that the flavor starts to dissipate.




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