Tantalizing Toddler Treats

Tofu & Strawberries with Honey

Tofu & Strawberries with Honey

Continuing my series on what to feed finicky kids, I bring you “Tofu & Strawberries with Honey”. My little ones really love tofu and strawberries, so putting honey and a little mint made this dinner fast & painless. Heck they didn’t even talk or throw their milks during the whole dinner. Thank heavens for small miracles.

If your kiddies don’t like tofu or you just don’t want it part of their diet I would suggest using garbanzo beans to replace the protein. Try to avoid buying beans in the can by the way or anything in any can. I have been reading some awful things about BPA  (bisphenol-A) found in canned foods that effect the reproductive system.Read more here. So try to stick with fresh, organic foods without preservatives especially for infants.

If you want to try this recipe but are not sure the ratios here is my recipe for:

Tofu-Strawberry & Honey (makes enough for 2 toddlers)

1 cup of strawberries, cut in half
1 cup extra firm tofu, cut into bite size cubes
3 Tbsp of Honey
1 tbsp finely chopped mint

Cut your strawberries and tofu and reserve. Heat a saute pan with one Tbsp of oil or butter on medium-high. Add the tofu when hot and cook until starting to brown. At this point throw in the berries and saute until the berries become soft. About 3 minutes. Then add the honey and the mint. Cook for 1 minute. Put in a bowl and let cool until desired temperature


This has become a goto when my kids are being picky and I need them to eat something. I hope your kids or yourself for that matter find this yummy. I actually like it myself…shhh……



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