Don’t Forget the Littles!!!

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Our little picky eaters are soooo hard to please sometimes! I feel you. I have twin toddlers and cook for them allot. There’s one thing I have learned this past year, and that’s you really have no idea what your kids will like or wont like. SO TRY EVERYTHING! I made lentils with tomatoes and ONIONS! Remember onions when you were two? I can’t even remember last week, but my mamma tells me I detested onions as a child and had a crazy onion radar as well. Most children don’t like onions. My theory: it’s because we wait to long to introduce our kiddies to foods we didn’t like as a child or foods we THINK they won’t like.

Just for fun and to show off my kids, Zayn & Sofiya, I will be blogging the meals that they enjoy. They pretty much eat what we eat, although we usually feed them separately at this point so we may actually enjoy our meal. I love my kiddies but they need your undivided attention at dinner time.

The first meal to be featured is……

sautéed Ground Turkey with Roasted Apples & Tomatoes


Ok so you don’t need to make their meals look all gourmet and what-not, it’s just my thing. So this meal was made with left overs and took about 6 minutes to make. Easy peezy right? well maybe. I try to always roast a bunch of apples off for the kids. They like them and its very healthy. I do add just a sprinkle of brown sugar on them so maybe not that healthy, but you can make without. The store where I shop, Lambert’s, always has a cart with bags of produce for a buck. There is almost always some apples with some bruising. for cheap. I’m roasting them so what do I care?

Anyhoo, if you don’t have these on hand just take a bunch and cut them in half. Doesn’t matter which way, just cook them flat side up. You don’t need to peel them either. The peel cooks down nicely. Then sprinkle whatever you would like or nothing at all. I have had great success with cinnamon, nutmeg, honey, brown sugar, and curry (yes really).

Once you have your apples cooked and cooled completely, you can then slice them or peel the skin, which comes off easily and mash them up.

For this particular dish I used these amounts:

4 oz of ground Turkey (or chicken, or lamb, or salmon, or any protein really)

6 roasted apple slices, rough chopped

6 grape tomatoes, cut in half




Start with either butter or oil, which ever you prefer. i used butter, 1 tab. Once melted I added the turkey and cooked till it starts to brown.

Then I toss in the tomatoes and apples. Cook till flavors meld and turke=y is cooked through, about 4 minutes.

Season with salt and top with a big dollop of yogurt.


I you find your kids like this meal you can introduce other mild flavors like cumin, yellow curry, paprika, garlic and so on. If you start introducing them early it may save you battles later on.

I hope this was useful!



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